Ett framtidsprojekt initierat av Tyréns.

Living in an empty city

An empty city – what is that? What does it mean for us and how does it affect our lives? No lights, no movements, no people. Well there is still activity, but where are all the other things that we said we could never be able to live without? The movies, theaters, libraries, gyms, high-schools and foremost many employers that are struggling.  

The pandemic world strikes hard on a city. A city is made for meetings, both in person but also to meet digitally. How is the city adjusting, and can we imagine ourselves living in it? Open squares and lovely views are for all to enjoy, but new problems are arising during this pandemic. People cannot meet like they use to, due to the risk of infection. Most companies are recommending all their staff to stay at home and work.  

The medical advisors as well as leaders around the world suddenly became the most famous people. One of the most spoken of is Anders Tegnell, that states the obvious that you shouldn’t go and visit old people. Another hero is Professor emeritus Johan Giesecke in Medical epidemiology and biostatisticsWhen he was asked on the news What is your opinion about the new rules that they are now shutting downs schools in London?”he simply answered Stupid. He then continued to talk about how many do you think will argue that they have key-positions in the society – would you say that you have that?”.  

 You can have on-line meetings better  than in the famous You Tube video (, and you can always go outside for a coffee with a friend. The ones that cannot sit at home and work, they are going to their jobs no matter what. I will sit here and write on the blog and work on the research project.  

If this pandemic is not going to last forever, I am happy with working from home, but not too long. The research project is soon to be over and what will happen thenI don’t want to stay at home all summer. I want to be in the middle of the vibrant city life, having drinks, dinners or just sneak into a gym or go to the movies with my friends – that is what I want.