Ett framtidsprojekt initierat av Tyréns.

What do innovative organizations have in common?

Innovation seems vital when it comes to building sustainable societies. Though intensely debated, innovation is often driven by complex processes and most innovation projects are bound to fail.

Is there something that successful innovation projects have in common? Well, that is exactly what we want to find out. What can we learn from  the projects that actually succeed? How did they manage to implement their innovative ideas and thus contribute to a more sustainable future?

We started out by identifying 100 innovative cases from around the world out of which we selected 50 to study in depth. The cases included in the study are carefully selected based on a set of selection criteria. They all (have the potential to) contribute to at least one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030. We are interviewing project managers from 30 of these organizations to identify what lessons to be learnt from their work.  We talk to innovation experts, sustainable development forerunners, start up companies and representatives from traditional industries and organizations.


We are interviewing them about how they build and work in innovative ecosystems, what tools they use for project planning and management, their ideas on how to set up a creative organization, how to possibly scale up solutions, and about knowledge sharing as well as how to hopefully evolve new ideas.

We in the Urban trends project believe in transparency, so stay tuned and we will share our knowledge with you. If you are involved in a case you think should be part of our  study, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And of course Happy new year 2020!